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The android ecosystem is depending on the phone ID and is causing problems for devices w/o one.

I can't buy paid apps and Skype for android requires a phone number.

Because I'm on the bleeding edge here I don't expect an answer soon. But I do expect one is coming. More android tablets are being released so when there is enough demand it will get fixed.


Not Badpad it's Moo.

My name for my Eken M003 Adroid Touchpad is Moo.

On Moo the VPN settings are missing when I go into settings. I was hoping I could remote into my work PC from this device.

I found a way to do it.

At I found a appt that lets me in to configure and make a VPN connection into a standard windows environment.

Then With I got a VNC client.

I'm still learning. Can't send a Ctrl-Alt-Del yet. But so far so good.

At work where the WiFi connection is inside the firewall (no VPN) performance is pretty good.

this is bringing Moo out of toy and into can use for work.

More later |||||Paul|||||