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I am a right social libertarian
Right: 4.48, Libertarian: 6.25

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Kin in LOTRO

Hunters of MoonShadowMy Kinship.

a screenshot


Slow post again

Still playing LOTRO main Toon is 75 now working on getting best equip. Tablet has new rom running Jelly Bean Android 4.1.1

Still here

Just not posting much playing a lot of LOTOR

Just started listening to new podio book

It's free so give it a try. Donate if you like it.


My new Tablet has CM7 now

Thanks to Team-B at XDA-developers.


My new Tablet

Nook Tablet Bought it at Target. I have rooted and added go launcher and other apps. Use for kindle books, audible books, podcasts, even watched netflix movie. read both gmail and exchange mail, games etc. 1 Gig dual core 1 gig ram, sdcard 1024x600 screen. but no camera no GPS and Wifi only. But for 250 good deal. I wanted the higher Ram and SD card so I got this instead of Kindle Fire. Worth the extra 50 bucks XDA has devs working on CM7 and CM9 Roms so by Summer I expect to have an even nicer setup.