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There three main types of Mining CPU GPU and ASIC

All of these example will be done on a Windows 7-64 PC

Lets start with the slowest but easiest CPU Mining


CPU Mining

This is built into the the Cubits wallet so we need to download and install it.

It can be downloaded here

Download the zip and extractthe cubits-3-Qt folder where you want. In my casr to D:\Coin Wallets\ Open the folder and run Cubits3-qt.exe

you will probably get a windowos firewall message

Press Allow Access to continue to wallet.

Wait until the green bar at the bottom is done. At this time it should not take very long to finish.

Select Help--> Debug window

then the Console tab

Type setgenerate true into the colsole window and press enter

Then type getmininginfo and press enter

If like above you have a "generate" : true, line you are now CPU mining.

You can now close the debug/console window

there really in nothing to see now until you mine a block which CPU mineing may take a long time.


Which is why you will want to do either GPU or ASIC mineing.


GPU Mineing using a pool and BFGMiner

Well I've been CPU mining without finding a block for over 20Hrs. So lets move up to a little more mineing power. Your Graphics card.  First I'm going to turn off CPU mineing. It's really a waste of power. so back to the wallet and open the console

 type in setgenerate false and press enter. You can close the console again.

What kind of GPU

For the software we will be using ATI work better than nvidia there is a cuda miner for nvidia cards but we will not be using that.

The card I have is a Sapphire HD7770 overclocked from 1300 to 1333MHz

The better your card is for gaming the better your card is for Mining

Solo or Pool?

The wallet for CPU mineing was solo only so that was easy. Solo you are hasing by yourself and when you find a block you get the entire reward and TX fees.  Pools mean you pool your work and share the rewards. the exact way the sharing works can get complilcated and needs to be a page of it's own. So I'll just say it works out that you get a small amount fairly often in a pool and a large amount rarely solo. Over tiem they work out about the same. So I'm going with a pool. 


Download and Extract BFGMiner

So goto and download the latest version. right now that is

Extract the folder I make a subfolder under coin wallets called Miners and put my different miners and versions there.

Join a pool and create a worker

Lets go to


Register, confirm by email and log in Find My workers on the left side

We will come back here once we are mining for now click on my workers


You can see I aready made a worker. you can just fill in the top part and press add new worker. you should NOT use your login password as your worker password. You will need to write the worker password in the .bat file and it is displayed on the miner window. Remember the worker name and password. we will need it later. You can leave this page for refeference if you want.

Create a .bat file to Launch BFGMiner

Open Notepad or whatever text editor you like.

enter this code. we will go over each part so you can change to match what you need'

D:\Coin_Wallets\Miners\bfgminer-3.8.0-win64\bfgminer.exe -S opencl -o stratum+tcp:// -u mogrith.1 -p eekackorcahha  -I 13 --thread-concurrency 8192
{Windows enviroment settings to improve GPU performance}


D:\Coin_Wallets\Miners\bfgminer-3.8.0-win64\bfgminer.exe{ Path to where you have the exe file and the exe file}

-S opencl:auto  {Scan the system for GPUs that have OpenGL (why cl not GL I don't know)}

-o stratum+tcp:// {URL of Pool  Do not forget to enter the port#}

-u mogrith.1 {UserID use the info from the worker page on the pool's website}

-p eekackorcahha {Password}

 -I 13  {Intensity a corse adjustment on how hard to push GPU (-20 to 20) Higher numbers improve mining performance but can slow down screen and too high can also overrun GPU memory and cause to run slower) 13 is a good starting point}

--thread-concurrency 8192 {a finetuning setting for your card see the readme_gpu.txt in the miner folder for more details}

save the file to the BFGMiner folder. I try to use a name that will tell me what the file will do. So name it somthing like QBT-GPU.bat

So close notepad and run the .bat file you just made


You will see a number of messages flash by as long as it's not an error that closes the window you are probably ok. Like that Do nat have user privileges...  line.

Once you see a accepted line you are sucessfully mining QBT.

Configuring Your Pool account to pay you.

Fist lets look at the dashboard so click on the dashboard link on the left.

So we have a Hashrate we are mining the hashrate will move around at first but will settle down over time.


Open your Cubits wallet and click on receive coins the press new Address

I already created an address called Cubits from pool by filling in the label press OK the it will make a new address for the label. Right click on the new address and select copy address.

Go back to the pool and Click on Edit account on the left

Paste your address in Payment address. Pick and enter a automatic payment threshold  enter your pin and update account


Once you get enough QBT the pool will send it to your wallet

ASIC Mineing using a pool and BFGMiner

What you need:

1. one or more USB ASICS

2. Drivers for the devices.
3. BFGMiner


Download and install drivers


For Blue Fury 2.5GH/s Device

1 ) Download Alpha Drivers Here :

2 ) Extract and note where the bf1.ini is located in the folder.

3 ) Plug in your Blue Fury Miner and go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and printers

4 ) Right Click on the Bitfury BF1 Device go to Properties > Hardware > Properties > Change Settings > Driver > Update Driver

5 ) Select "Browse My computer for Driver Software"

6 ) Select "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer"

7 ) Select "Have Disk", Browse to the bfgminerWin folder and Select bf1.ini

8 ) Select Install and it will give you a warning that the driver is NOT SIGNED. Press okay.

9 ) The Driver is installed 

Block Erupters .333GH/s Device

Get Driver at and Run install program.


Install BFGMiner and Join Pool


See the sctions in GPU mining for this it is the same up to the configuration .bat for the miner.


Create a .bat file to Launch BFGMiner

Open Notepad or whatever text editor you like. 


D:\Coin_Wallets\Miners\bfgminer-3.8.0-win64\bfgminer.exe -S bigpic:\\.\COM19 -o stratum+tcp:// -u mogrith.1 -p blablabla

D:\Coin_Wallets\Miners\bfgminer-3.8.0-win64\bfgminer.exe{ Path to where you have the exe file and the exe file}

For Blue Fury only:

-S bigpic:\\.\COM19  {Scan only COM19 for a blue fury yours may be on a different Com port. If you have only Furies you can use -S bigpic:all }

For Block erupter only

These will autodetect if supported by the device; otherwise, you need to use

the '--scan-serial erupter:<device>' option to tell BFGMiner what device to

probe; if you know you have no other serial devices, or only ones that can

tolerate garbage, you can use '--scan-serial erupter:all' to probe all serial


For Both at the same time

You need to make a Scan command for each device so 2 BF and 2 BE would look like this

-S bigpic:\\.\COM19 -S bigpic:\\.\COM20 --scan-serial erupter:\\.\COM7 --scan-serial erupter:\\.\COM8

-o stratum+tcp:// {URL of Pool  Do not forget to enter the port#}

-u mogrith.1 {UserID use the info from the worker page on the pool's website}

-p blablabla {Password}


save the file to the BFGMiner folder. I try to use a name that will tell me what the file will do. So name it somthing like QBT-ASIC.bat

So close notepad and try it out


So here is a single bule fury mining happly away.

Looking at the pool:

The miner and the pool use slightly different ways and average times to measure Hashrate so the number will be a little different. 

After a couple of hours my pools stats llok like this

Note I found some blocks and have shares in many blocks